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Ever wonder what your baby is thinking? Or why your baby is crying?
Using the Baby Signs® Program gives babies a way to “talk” with their parents, before they can talk.  Babies can communicate about the world around them, long before they have mastered their verbal speaking skills!

Babies and their parents can use simple signs to communicate important things – like being hungry or thirsty, hot or cold, afraid or sad – often a full year before babies could otherwise speak.

Research has proven that using the Baby Signs® Program has dramatic benefits, including decreasing frustration for babies and parents, enriching the parent-child bond, boosting emotional development, helping babies talk sooner – even raising IQ.

Parent Workshops are a one-time class available to teach you all you need to know to start signing at home with your baby.

Sign, Say, & Play™ Classes are a six-week series offering parents & babies a fun environment for learning all the basics of signing! The combination of rich classroom experience and the proper tools for learning at home give you & your baby a great start in a loving and supportive way.
Baby Signs
Certified Independent

Minka Hoffberg

Masters of Education, National Board certified in Literacy: Reading-Language arts/Early and Middle Childhood, Certified educator in the State of Florida, over 10 years experience working  with children
  1. Why sign language for babies?
    There’s nothing more heart-wrenching than hearing a baby cry and not knowing why. The problem for babies is with the painstakingly slow development of the ability to produce words. Fortunately, babies are a good deal more adept at controlling the movement of other parts of their bodies. And now, thanks to our two decades of research at UC Davis, babies are enjoying the benefits of using simple signs to let us know what’s on their minds.
  2. What Signing Parents Say
    I had heard of using sign language with babies and was VERY interested in trying it out with my newborn son. Around 7 months we started with various mealtime and animal signs. Then a few weeks la ter he displayed his first sign. FISH! Every time he passed his beloved pets in their watery home he would squeal and start smacking his little lips. I was overjoyed! He soon followed with ALL DONE, HELLO/GOODBYE, and MORE. At 9.5 months I was even more impressed when he made up his own sign for PHONE. There is no end to my amazement at how much this little guy is capable of! --Michigan Mom